Historically, diving board designers seem to have focused largely on functionality with little attention paid to aesthetics; Molono was formed to bring cutting edge design, fine workmanship and ultimate function to the forefront of diving board design.

Taking inspiration from around the globe and using meticulous craftsmen and the world's finest materials, we produce the most exclusive and beautiful boards in the world. Each board is an iconic statement, designed to be thought provoking and uniquely different. Seen as a piece of art, each board is produced in limited numbers and is the result of an endless pursuit for perfection.

As well as producing a limited run of stunning and elegant stock model boards, Molono provides a tailored service for board installations that are designed specifically to fit their environment. The rigorous standards applied to every step of the development process makes a precious and totally bespoke board made to your exacting standards.

Charlie Richards


Charlie and his wife Lauren conceptualised Molono and have always shared a keen interest in art and design. It was a fortuitous weekend break in France that gave them the idea which has evolved into what Molono is today. 'Sitting by a pool in the Cote D'Azur surrounded by Art installations, donated by various well known Sculptors, they noted that the rather plain plastic diving board which represented the focal point of the pool area, somewhat detracted from the overall aesthetic of what was otherwise the most beautiful pool surroundings they had witnessed. On returning to the UK and by pure coincidence, an overheard conversation at a party shortly afterwards, set them on their way; 'I was sat in a bar in London, waiting for a friend to arrive and I could not help but over hear a rather loud chap sat at the neighbouring table talking about his home in the Hollywood Hills - He was explaining how he had just spent $600,000 reworking the aesthetic of his pool area and his consort asked him whether he had a diving board. The gentleman braggart then explained that he had wanted a board and had looked into it in depth but had come to the conclusion that nothing on the market would do anything to enhance the new look of his pool surroundings'.

Through various twists of fate, Charlie and Lauren were lucky enough to meet the two gentlemen profiled below and Molono was born!

Dodo Arslan

Designer - arslan.it

Dodo is an Italian designer living and working in Miami and Milan. He has been included in Taschen's book Design Now, an in-depth exploration of contemporary design collecting the latest works by ninety of the world's leading designers and manufacturers. Also featured in Design / Art Limited Editions, a complete overview of designart creations by 70 international designers, Dodo has won many design awards including Good Design, KIDA Grand Prize, Young & Design, Mini Design, Pirelli Pzero and Art Directors Club's award.

Having worked for many blue chip clients during his early years, Dodo founded his own studio in 2002 and continues to produce pieces and commissions of the very highest quality. Dodo has been working with the Molono team since 2012 and is the designer for both Gracie-Bird and Raptor!

Nicholas Spens

Engineer - nicholasspens.co.uk

Nicholas started his professional career as a boat builder. He specialised in bespoke projects, building boats and components for clients who wished to have something unique. These projects ranged from constructing light weight composite racing yachts to components for large super yachts where weight, strength and aesthetics were paramount.

After thirteen years in the marine industry, Nicholas decided to diversify, taking the skills and knowledge he had accumulated into other areas. Now, as well as heading Molono's engineering department, Nick produces his own bespoke furniture that reflect the surroundings of the New Forest where he lives. Most of the pieces he produces are expertly hand crafted and combine the use of wood and composites which has proved invaluable during the development stages for Gracie-Bird.

A special thanks to our two photographers

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